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120' x 50' Pole tent
Color - White    This tent can also be rented @ smaller sizes , 50' x 90', 50' x 60'.  This tent has center poles and side poles.  It is anchored by straps and tent stakes.  This tent works great on ground. It is not recommended for pavement because of the stakes that anchor the tent.
30' x 40' Framed Tent
Tent Rental of Kernersville Products & Services
We have a variety of sizes of tents available to rent - framed tents for the smaller parties or receptions and pole tents for larger events.  Our tents are made by local tent manufacturers and are of excellent quality.  We rent them to you at an affordable price for your church, civic or personal events.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:
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Great for medium to small functions.  It is anchored by weights - usually water barrels.  1200 feet of space will accomodate up to 20 tables.  Don't get rained out for thoses special events.
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20 x 20 Framed Tent
This tent is a perfect for small events.  This size tent is often used in Antique/Flea Market events and fundraisers too!  Also family outings and a perfect shelter for those barbecues.  400 feet of space will accomodate 12 tables
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15' x 15' Framed Tent
Tables, chairs and sidewalls (curtains)
225' of space.  Gives you ample room for your buffet tables.  Great for backyard events, flea markets and fundraisers.
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The tables are 6' in length and will seat 6 comfortably.  The chairs are folding metal or we have the white resin chairs for those special events such as receptions.  
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High quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
30 x 60 Frame
30 x 50 Frame Tent
20 x 30 Frame Tent
20 x 40 Frame Tent
Great for medium to small functions.  600 feet of space will accomodate up to 12 tables.  
Great for medium to small  functions.  600 feet of space will accomodate up to 12 tables.  
1800 square feet.... will hold 30 tables or more.  This give you a great place for the total wedding party.  
1500 feet of space.  Lots of space..... for a small group and room to add a dance floor.  This tent will hold up to 25 tables.... Giving you capacity to seat up to approximately 130-150 people. 
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